• El Fuego
  • LetsGoPlay
  • Super Giggle and Super Hoot!
  • LittleTedSlide
  • Slmy
  • Disney's Talking Friends

    New Animated Web Series

  • The Gigglarium!

    You can sing, and you can hum...

  • Coookie!

    Ahhh - rom - nom - nom - nom...

  • El Fuego

    - Burning Up So You Think You Can Dance USA

  • Let's Go Play!

    Songs for Happy Healthy Kids

  • Play School

    There's a bear in there ... Playschool's 45th Anniversary Titles

  • Giggle and Hoot

    A Little Funky Owl

  • Didi and B!

    Going Bananas for Nick Junior.

  • The Adventures of Charlotte and Henry

    Winner - Best Music for Children's Television - Screen Music Awards

  • Little Ted's Big Adventure

    Oh, oh, oh, here we go, go, go

  • Slippy Slippy Slimy

    Nickelodeon goes back to Slime!


A track on So You Think You Can Dance America? Yep - I don't believe it either. And now opening the SYTYCD Live tour??? No - way - And I am the first one to admit that it is far more about the genius of Kelley Abbey than much to do with me.

But I will say this - it was a dream to work with Kelley and Max Lambert in the creation of the track, through its various incantations. I learnt so much about writing for dance - accents, fill, drive, support, space. A complete masterclass for me.