JJJ Playschool Remix !

PlayschoolRemixYou have to know something. The person most excited about this remix comp was me. I love kids music (it’s my job). I love remixing (it’s also my job sometimes) and I love the Playschool song.

The idea that there were a whole bunch of other people combining and chopping and crafting and hacking and mangling the Playschool theme into something new was just great.

So when I told Unearthed I was going to try and get through all of them there was a bit of “Well you all had to spend time with my stems for hours or days – listening through your track is the least I can do”.

The Unearthed guys kind of smiled like they knew what was coming.

I listened to the first 300 remixes.

Metal. EDM. Trap. Country. Dance. House. Hip Hop. Nightmare Soundscape.

Reactions from WTF to OMG.  Big Bangers. Chilled Beats. Heartfelt Hip Hop. Creepy experiments. All next to each other in this big remixy melting pot.

There is a tidal wave of talent out there creating music passionately or jokingly or curiously and just wanting to share for shits and giggles, or to connect, or to inspire.

Or to say “Hey I’m here!”

I know what it’s like to work in a vacuum -  I know what it’s like to look for an audience and get a bit of attention, so I listened and added my 20c worth to a whole lot of reviews.. I found some new artists I want to hear more of. Some of you are already beating the world at this kind of thing.

And for everyone - I’m really excited by the level of talent – there were so many great tracks, and base level of production skills in particular – amazing. Frightening.

And then you bastards put together an additional 300 remixes in the final weekend.

You broke me - You win! I know the Unearthed crew were over everything and we got five rockin’ finalists.

Here’s a few thoughts after listening through the tracks I did get through. None of this is rocket surgery, but here it is anyway.

  1. Start Awesome - I reckon you can nearly always tell if a track was going to be awesome in the first 10 seconds. I really need my attention grabbed early with something different and interesting real quick. You can drop back and develop after that but the first ten seconds need to promise me that listening to this is worth
  2. Develop your ideas – be always moving in a direction for a reason. Sometimes a track would be kind of hovering and I’d skip ahead and it’d still be doing the same thing. Might be a killer groove, but I need to know you know where you are going.
  3. Be Ruthless – Kill your darlings. You may have worked for an hour making those trumpet stems do something but in the end didn’t work. Mute and continue. (And also sorry about those trumpet stems in general)
  4. In time and in key matters (for me anyway) – mostly these were really good though.
  5. Go there. Don’t be timid or shy in your choices. Make it work the very frickin’ best way you can. You can mute it if it sucks.
  6. Be Different. Try and find a unique angle with the music stems, and the song. When I heard the stems used in a clever or interesting way that was just awesome! KLP’s notes were right – don’t have to use all of them – but further to that, be original in the way that you use them. Experiment – you might find something no-one else does
  7. Keep it simple and short. No longer than it has to be.
  8. ( a sneaky tip)– if you want attention, get in early – for a contest like this where Unearthed were looking for examples in the opening weeks to inspire, share and applaud, it was definitely an advantage to be amongst the early stages.

Finally - it was really awesome to be a part of this.  Triple J and Unearthed in particular are an Australian treasure, and the hard working team there couldn’t be more passionate about helping Australia’s next generation of talent rise. It was humbling to be a part of such a fun project. Congratulations to the finalists, and everyone who took the time and energy to make a track.

You can checkout my reviews and links to the tunes at https://www.triplejunearthed.com/user/3216006

And sorry again about those trumpet stems.