Aria Nomination - Giggle and Hoot Hootastic Tunes!

HootasticTunesGiggle and Hoot’s all-new album “Hootastic Tunes” has been given an Aria nomination for best Children’s Album.

I wrote, co-wrote or produced 18 of the 28 songs on the album, and as always it was a pleasure to work with the whole Giggle and Hoot team, with Jimmy Rees, Nicholas Richard, Naomi Young and Mark Simpson in front of the mic, and the  legendary legends of Clare Gerber, Bryson Hall, Jade Suine, Natalie Robinson Hurst and Jan Stradling behind the scenes.

Personal Faves on this album are “Cloudbouncing”, “Pyjama Party Time” and a new version of “5 Steps To Bedtime” 

Check it out after the click!