Mums Unite - Nick Jr

mumsuniteOver the years Nickelodeon have always provided awesome briefs, but this one from Kristen Toovey gave me the chance to collaborate on a funny song celebrating how awesome Mums are. The lyrics stem from my experience as a parent bringing up our two kids in partnership with my amazing wife Lesley.

We recorded the song  with vocals from Kristen, Ellen Dedes-Vallas and  Courtney Smith who brought a great sense of character to each of their reads. Mary helepd with an unforgettable cameo.

The clip is hilariously awesome and was released in time for Mothers Day 2016  and topped a million views in it's first week! Checkout the clip and lyrics after the break. 



Another day with two hours sleep, 
And I’m not sure I’ll survive it.
I can’t remember the last time 

I took a wee in private.  
The last six hours all I’ve heard is 
“Let It Go” acappella.
There’s a big brown mess on the kitchen bench
And I’m prayin’ that it's Nutella (Yep!) 

Mum Mum!
No time to pluck that chin hair.
Mum Mum
Just Sing it if you’ve been there.

Mums Unite, Mums Unite.
Got to stand together if we’re going to survive

Wore pyjama pants to work, 
But I’ll tell ‘em all they’re designer.
My three year old’s told the checkout chick 
“My Favourite word’s vagina” 
(uh awkward….) 

Mum Mum! 
No time to do the washing.
Mum Mum!
Just close your eyes and think of Ryan Gosling. 

Mums Unite, Mums Unite.
Go to bed right now or you will not survive the night. 
Mums Unite, Mums Unite. 
Don’t know what I’m doing but I hope I get it right  

Sometimes my kids, are totally amazing.
Sometimes my kids, drive me abso - bloody crazy.
Sometimes I wish I could run away forever.
But all you other mothers know we’ll get through this together.

Mums Unite, Mums Unite. 
Someone bring me chocolate and another glass of wine.
Mums Unite, Mums Unite.
Better laugh together or we’re probably gonna cry. 
Mums Unite, Mums Unite.
Wondering if tidying is just a waste of time (yeah yeah)
Mums Unite, Mums unite.
Do our best to try and get our little people right 
Mums Unite, Mums Unite.