Claw Tapping Tunes - Arias Nomination!

ariasThe latest Giggle and Hoot album, “Claw Tapping Tunes” has been nominated for an Aria!

Having been lucky enough to create just over half of the tracks for the record, I’m really hoping for the best. That said we are amongst amazing company for the nomination with The Wiggles, Justine Clarke, and Jay Laga’aia  (who I worked with on Let’s Go Play earlier this year) rounding out the category.

Amongst my favourites on the album are the entire suite of the first season of the Gigglearium, as well as “On The Night Watch” (co-written with Bryson Hall), Hoot’s Funky Owl,  and my theme to Little Ted’s Big Adventure.

The Arias will be announced December 1.  Congrats to all of the Giggle and Hoot Team.