JJJ Playschool Remix !

PlayschoolRemixYou have to know something. The person most excited about this remix comp was me. I love kids music (it’s my job). I love remixing (it’s also my job sometimes) and I love the Playschool song.

The idea that there were a whole bunch of other people combining and chopping and crafting and hacking and mangling the Playschool theme into something new was just great.

So when I told Unearthed I was going to try and get through all of them there was a bit of “Well you all had to spend time with my stems for hours or days – listening through your track is the least I can do”.

The Unearthed guys kind of smiled like they knew what was coming.

I Can Do This

Written by Peter Dasent and Arthur Baysting, I was stoked to be asked to produce a new version of their song “I Can Do This” with vocals by Justine Clarke. The song is a beauty, all about the power of confidence and affirmation and I enjoyed making a playful arrangement for it. 

I was a little nervous working with Justine for the first time, but from the moment she started singing the track I knew we had great track on our hands. And even if my recorder ensemble was cut (and it was porbably the right decision) I think this one turned out great.


Great work from Sarah Dabro and thanks as always to Sophie Emtage and all of the PlaySchool crew. 

Aria Nomination - Giggle and Hoot Hootastic Tunes!

HootasticTunesGiggle and Hoot’s all-new album “Hootastic Tunes” has been given an Aria nomination for best Children’s Album.

I wrote, co-wrote or produced 18 of the 28 songs on the album, and as always it was a pleasure to work with the whole Giggle and Hoot team, with Jimmy Rees, Nicholas Richard, Naomi Young and Mark Simpson in front of the mic, and the  legendary legends of Clare Gerber, Bryson Hall, Jade Suine, Natalie Robinson Hurst and Jan Stradling behind the scenes.

Personal Faves on this album are “Cloudbouncing”, “Pyjama Party Time” and a new version of “5 Steps To Bedtime” 

Check it out after the click! 

Mums Unite - Nick Jr

mumsuniteOver the years Nickelodeon have always provided awesome briefs, but this one from Kristen Toovey gave me the chance to collaborate on a funny song celebrating how awesome Mums are. The lyrics stem from my experience as a parent bringing up our two kids in partnership with my amazing wife Lesley.

We recorded the song  with vocals from Kristen, Ellen Dedes-Vallas and  Courtney Smith who brought a great sense of character to each of their reads. Mary helepd with an unforgettable cameo.

The clip is hilariously awesome and was released in time for Mothers Day 2016  and topped a million views in it's first week! Checkout the clip and lyrics after the break. 

Claw Tapping Tunes - Arias Nomination!

ariasThe latest Giggle and Hoot album, “Claw Tapping Tunes” has been nominated for an Aria!

Having been lucky enough to create just over half of the tracks for the record, I’m really hoping for the best. That said we are amongst amazing company for the nomination with The Wiggles, Justine Clarke, and Jay Laga’aia  (who I worked with on Let’s Go Play earlier this year) rounding out the category.

Amongst my favourites on the album are the entire suite of the first season of the Gigglearium, as well as “On The Night Watch” (co-written with Bryson Hall), Hoot’s Funky Owl,  and my theme to Little Ted’s Big Adventure.

The Arias will be announced December 1.  Congrats to all of the Giggle and Hoot Team.