Didi and B - Nick Jr

Didi and B wins at the Astra Awards for best clildrens program and was nominated for a Logie for Best Children's TV! And I'm totally dazzly chuffed to introudce the six new songs I composed and wrote for Nick Jr.

Didi and B is the new "utterly charming" interstitial series for Nick Junior. It stars Didi - an energetic hyper positive butterfly and B - a bumbly friendly cuddly spelling bee. They live in a beautiful, magical garden where they play, craft, joke, sing and dance.

Check out the videos over the break!

Massive Thanks to Kristie Phelan and Kala Ellis for making the gig such a joy. Peter Cudlipp directed brilliantly, Anna Howard and her team made Julio Himede's set and Marea Fowler's puppets look magical , Jeremy Gilroy's cuts made it even betterer, DMCI did some awesome graphics stuff, and Fiona Gentle and Alice Osborne's puppetry was sublime. As always Randall Waller did an amazing job on the guitars, and both Mariah and Jordan's vocals ended up as delightful as they both were to work with.

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love!

B's Alphabet Song!

The Days Of The Week.

Dazzle Dazzle Day

Good Night Song