Jemima's Big Adventure

JemimaFollowing on from the success of “Little Ted’s Big Adventure”, it is Jemima’s turn to escape the playschool studio and enjoy some playtime with host Luke Carrol and her many young friends..

The show explores the fun dressing up and pretending in play, and features episodes like fairy castles, pirate ships and superheroes. The whole thing has amazing art direction and costumes, and is shot beautifully. It can be seen on ABC for Kids most days.

Like Little Ted, the show has it’s own theme song and incidentals, and Luke Carrol’s vocals were a delight to work with. Glen Hannah played guitar, and as always he did a superlative job.

Finally - while having my kids, Tom and Mary Peter provide backing vocals for the song was as wonderful as ever, knowing I’d given Tia Hannah her first ever recording session (at the age of two) is probably the type of act I’ll be able to retire on one day if the musical genes of that family are any thing to go by.

Thanks to Sarah Dabro, and Jan Stradling for another wonderful gig.