Hoot Hoot Go!

Hoot-Hoot-Go-postHoot, Hootabelle, and Hootly are three best owl pals – working together and solving problems for their best buddies, Hootaluna, Gigglefangs and Pirate Hootbeard.We created a whole magical and musical world for Hoot Hoot Go, with the music working hand in hand with the unique visual hybrid of puppetry and animation.

Hoot Hoot Go’s music has it’s own unique and intimate sound based around a playful ensemble of ukulele, double bass, and percussion. At times our tiny world develops into an orchestral romp, borrowing it’s cinematic vocabulary from the animation masters of Disney and Warner Bothers, amplifying the story and action. In addition each of the guest characters has their own signature music - from the Piratey Accordion of Pirate Hootbeard, to the 60s Space Organ of Hootaluna and Jazzy Clarinet for Giggle Fangs.

Hoot Hoot Go’s unique Musical world is always focused on making the action and story clear for our preschool audience, while never surrendering it’s goal to retain it’s heart, and remain engaging and enjoyable for parents. I couldn’t be prouder of the result which is an amazing credit to EP Jan Stradling, Series Producer Clare Gerber, Producers Bryson Hall and Amanda Isdale, Post Producer Janice Zetts, director Karin Fitzhardinge as well as the whole Hoot Hoot Go Team. Hoot Pow!