Maurice's Big Adventure


Maurice's Big Adventure is the fith part of the Big Adventure series, and stars Playschool bear Maurice. Maurice is a little bear, trying things like going to school for the first time.

After the raucous activity of Humpty’s Big Adventure, it was lovely to be able to do something a little gentler and quieter. The show’s signature song “Little Bear – Little Steps” is one my favourites that I’ve made for any gig and both Justine Clare and Miranda Tapsell performed absolutely beautiful versions of it. 

For the show’s music (and song) I used a palette of Guitar (played by Glen Hannah), percussion and String Quartet. Limiting myself like that was a real challenge and I ended up with a unique set of tunes which I think helped give the program a really sweet identity.

 The vocal recording with Justine Clarke and Miranda Tapsell was a nightmare! I got into the ABC nice and early with all my gear ready to record  - plugged it all in and checked it and all was great. I thought to myself, why not just restart before we go and all will be good.

The computer started loading and then died. It’s ok I thought – probably just one of those things. If it does it again I’m in real trouble. It did it again.

Cue some frantic running around emails, file transfers and eventually ended up recording in a V/O booth thanks to the awesome ABC audio legends. Justine and Miranda were both total pros – the song has ended up being one of my favourites.

Maurice’s Big Adventure was the big ratings winner for it’s launch and more Big Adventures are on their way! Thanks to Justine, Miranda, Sarah, and Jan as always! 

Extra extra big thanks to Mel Rogan and Colin Thrupp who made the series, and the beautiful clip you see below!  

Little Bear

Little steps

Can be a big adventure

Wondering what comes next …

Off you go

Take a breath

Just be brave and

Take that little step

See all your friends are ready to explore with you

Just turn and save a wave for me

There’s things you have to figure out

On your own

But you’re never alone

We’re always there

Little Bear

Little things

Can seem so big

But take lots of little steps

And suddenly you’re there

Such a big adventure

Little Bear

Such a big adventure

Little Bear