Disney's Talking Friends!


Talking Friends is the hugely successful Outfit 7 Franchise that has spawned Talking Tom, Talking Gina, Talking Ben - a whole menagerie of delightful animated characters you can play with on your phone. My kids were huge fans of them - usually making Talking Tom sing a Michael Jackson song or something like that.

Anyhoo - When Disney Online and Outfit 7 teamed up to create a new web-based animated series based on the characters, I was lucky enough to get the call to provide music for the series.

The score was both a challenge and delight to work on. It combines a classic Disney "Mickey Mouse" animation approach, with some beats, guitars, ska and reggae. I've also been lucky enough to provide the music and lyrics for the songs which appear through the episodes - ranging from pop to club to jazz to psychedelia.

The series is now rapidly approaching 100 million views - my favourite eps would have to be Ep6 with its Dance - Off and Ep10 - a musical episode I did the music and lyrics for with songs dedicated to the 80s, 60s, 50s and 20s.

Checkout the eps below - hope you like them!


Ep 1 - The Attack Of The Tech



Ep 2 - Foolf!



Ep 3 - Jet Pack Cat



Ep 4 - Newserator



Ep 5 - Rock the Catsbah



Ep 6 - Shake That Tail



Ep 7 - Mutipli - Kitty



Ep 8 - Super Tom



Ep 9 - Angry Parrots



Ep 10 - Tom After Tom