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Hoot Hoot Go!

Hoot-Hoot-Go-postHoot, Hootabelle, and Hootly are three best owl pals – working together and solving problems for their best buddies, Hootaluna, Gigglefangs and Pirate Hootbeard.We created a whole magical and musical world for Hoot Hoot Go, with the music working hand in hand with the unique visual hybrid of puppetry and animation.

Hoot Hoot Go’s music has it’s own unique and intimate sound based around a playful ensemble of ukulele, double bass, and percussion. At times our tiny world develops into an orchestral romp, borrowing it’s cinematic vocabulary from the animation masters of Disney and Warner Bothers, amplifying the story and action. In addition each of the guest characters has their own signature music - from the Piratey Accordion of Pirate Hootbeard, to the 60s Space Organ of Hootaluna and Jazzy Clarinet for Giggle Fangs.

Hoot Hoot Go’s unique Musical world is always focused on making the action and story clear for our preschool audience, while never surrendering it’s goal to retain it’s heart, and remain engaging and enjoyable for parents. I couldn’t be prouder of the result which is an amazing credit to EP Jan Stradling, Series Producer Clare Gerber, Producers Bryson Hall and Amanda Isdale, Post Producer Janice Zetts, director Karin Fitzhardinge as well as the whole Hoot Hoot Go Team. Hoot Pow!

JJJ Playschool Remix !

PlayschoolRemixYou have to know something. The person most excited about this remix comp was me. I love kids music (it’s my job). I love remixing (it’s also my job sometimes) and I love the Playschool song.

The idea that there were a whole bunch of other people combining and chopping and crafting and hacking and mangling the Playschool theme into something new was just great.

So when I told Unearthed I was going to try and get through all of them there was a bit of “Well you all had to spend time with my stems for hours or days – listening through your track is the least I can do”.

The Unearthed guys kind of smiled like they knew what was coming.

Mums Unite - Nick Jr

mumsuniteOver the years Nickelodeon have always provided awesome briefs, but this one from Kristen Toovey gave me the chance to collaborate on a funny song celebrating how awesome Mums are. The lyrics stem from my experience as a parent bringing up our two kids in partnership with my amazing wife Lesley.

We recorded the song  with vocals from Kristen, Ellen Dedes-Vallas and  Courtney Smith who brought a great sense of character to each of their reads. Mary helepd with an unforgettable cameo.

The clip is hilariously awesome and was released in time for Mothers Day 2016  and topped a million views in it's first week! Checkout the clip and lyrics after the break. 

Yaaar! The Giggle and Hoot Pirate Special

PirateHootbeardThrilled to be nominated for a fourth time for the AGSC and APRA Screen music awards for Best Music For Children’s Television. “The Legend of Pirate Hootbeard” is a rollicking epic orchestral adventure as Jimmy Giggle, Hoot and Hootabelle sail the Giggle Seas to help Pirate Hootbeard find his lost treasure.

The music allowed me to get my orchestral chops sharpened, as I tried to make a completely over the top rollicking John Williamsesque adventure.

The Score includes 2 songs “The Piratey Pirate Hootbeard” and “Sailing The Giggle Seas” which became music vids in their own right – but I think the full adventure is the true cinematic experience you’ve been craving – even if you don’t know it yet. Sit back and enjoy “The Legend of Pirate Hootbeard”. Check it out over the break! 

Maurice's Big Adventure


Maurice's Big Adventure is the fith part of the Big Adventure series, and stars Playschool bear Maurice. Maurice is a little bear, trying things like going to school for the first time.

After the raucous activity of Humpty’s Big Adventure, it was lovely to be able to do something a little gentler and quieter. The show’s signature song “Little Bear – Little Steps” is one my favourites that I’ve made for any gig and both Justine Clare and Miranda Tapsell performed absolutely beautiful versions of it. 

Aria Nomination - Giggle and Hoot Hootastic Tunes!

HootasticTunesGiggle and Hoot’s all-new album “Hootastic Tunes” has been given an Aria nomination for best Children’s Album.

I wrote, co-wrote or produced 18 of the 28 songs on the album, and as always it was a pleasure to work with the whole Giggle and Hoot team, with Jimmy Rees, Nicholas Richard, Naomi Young and Mark Simpson in front of the mic, and the  legendary legends of Clare Gerber, Bryson Hall, Jade Suine, Natalie Robinson Hurst and Jan Stradling behind the scenes.

Personal Faves on this album are “Cloudbouncing”, “Pyjama Party Time” and a new version of “5 Steps To Bedtime” 

Check it out after the click! 

My Batty Lair

gigglefangsWhen Giggle and Hoot introduced a new character Gigglefangs, we needed a new song to talk about his super cool and awesome “Bat-chelor Pad” –  Geddit? Bat-chelor Pad” Hahhahaha – y’anyways

Had a swingin’ time coming up with this track, and Cam Ralph did a fantastic job on the vocals. 

Naomi Young and Nick Richard (Hoot and Hootabelle) were also brilliant bvs and the clip directed by Karin Fitzhardinge and produced by all of the Giggle and Hoot gang from Bryson Hall, Clare Gerber, Natalie Robinson Hurst and Jan Stradling is just awesome! Checkout the film clip after the link ...